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The importance of monitoring in the industry

The industry has been undergoing transformation movements since the eighteenth century and the convergence between IT (Information Technology) and OT (operational technology) comes to support the pillars of this transformation.

OT is traditionally associated with industrial environments, such as SCADA control Systems, PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers), RTUs among others.

One of the pillars of this transformation is related to the ability to collect and process data instantly for strategic decision making and the convergence between these two distinct worlds brings several benefits such as:

More effective device and machinery management;

More efficient use of resources and energy;

Cost reduction through preventive maintenance evidenced with support of IOT devices;

Reducing IT and OT silos as they now both share information and knowledge;

To achieve the aforementioned benefits and to ensure the success of this transformation, it is critical that both IT and OT infrastructures are monitored centrally, translating data into smart dashboards for decision making and providing accurate information to operational teams.

The challenge of monitoring industrial networks is that such networks use universal protocols such as MQTT or standard protocols OPC UA that are not compatible with our “Classic IT” or the conventional protocol TCP/IP.

To solve this problem, Infraops with its vast experience in the monitoring market, enables different strategies for capturing data from OT, converging them to the monitoring environment.

Some of the various strategies adopted by us are:

Smart Edge Gateway

Data consumption by snmp or API directly from the “Smart Edge Gateways“, elements already existing in Industrial IT and used as bridges between the” factory floor” and IT systems .

Node Red

Flow-based development tool, designed to connect hardware devices, APIs, and online services as part of the Internet of things.

IOT/IIOT metrics

Obtaining data and metrics from IOT and IIOT devices such as environmental information (temperature, humidity), facility information (energy consumption, air flow, water storage level, among others).

To remain competitive, it is vital that companies today have the capacity and experience to centrally monitor both the IT and operational environment, thus generating rich knowledge for assertive decision-making. Count on a partner who can support you through this process, count on INFRAOPS.

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