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Infraops was born with the aim of being an IT operations company, with fast and efficient deliveries, using reputable methodologies, aiming at increasing the availability and performance of IT services.
In the leading edge, Infraops has capable directors with more than 20 years of experience in multinationals and execution of complex, mission-critical international projects. Infraops’ history begins in one of these projects, when directors Marcelo and Tiago, until then partners in IT projects, saw the real benefits that companies would have if the IT environment was operated with the same criticality, attention and proactivity that critical environments receive. Years of experience have been focused on producing an efficient monitoring methodology with clear and rigid processes, as well as a powerful infrastructure to support thousands of monitored and managed locations.
Throughout the life of the company, in the mission to increase business profitability, Infraops has maintained its values through efficient technical excellence, professionalism, quality and ethics IT.
We carry out monitoring, support and operation of vessels, industries, offices and hotels. We generate excellent results for both IT and corporate decision making.
We manage incidents, changes and issues of all IT issues related to impacted environments. We are experts in failure prevention.

Today, we have customers from the most varied segments and all have the same need: an IT infrastructure that works. Whether big or small, it needs to work - and we can help.