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IT Outsourcing, what are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing?

At some point in the life of a company, regardless of its size and segment, it will need to use technological solutions. At this time, what is the best option? Outsource or invest in an internal team?

We know that IT is much more than the operation of computers, internet and printing of a company. Today the area facilitates routine processes, guarantees data security and more than that, guarantees the operation of an entire organization! The area has been increasingly focused on strategy and has become a differential in the competitive market.

InfraOPS shows you some of the advantages and disadvantages of both options to help you decide on the one that best suits your business goals:


The main advantage of maintaining an internal department is to rely entirely on the dedication of professionals, often physically in the company. On the other hand, this practicality can weigh on the pocket of the company, since it must bear labor expenses and provide the infrastructure.

In order for you to have an internal IT team you must consider at least two important points: IT is an area with several specialties. Since there are many segments, it is unlikely (and financially impossible) to hire professionals who master all of them. In addition, your organizational culture should value and encourage continuous learning. Otherwise, the team will be technically outdated and you will not have the necessary support in the elaboration of projects that guarantee the competitiveness and the guarantee of best practices of your company.


Today it is possible to partially or fully outsource IT. You can hire from customer services (help desk), routine maintenance services, backups, for example, and even availability of software used by the company in the cloud. In this way, companies can buy solutions according to their needs and in the desired period, which reveals an excellent cost-benefit.

By IT outsourcing, the contracting company has at its disposal a well qualified and up-to-date team to deal with the most diverse technologies, including applications, equipment, software and operating systems.

The mentioned outsourcing is a trend in the recent times. Frequent technological advances force companies to adapt their technical resources and infrastructure to face their competitors, keep up with the market and even anticipate consumption demands. Therefore, hiring a specialized organization in the desired solution provides a few things, among them:

Innovation for business;

Reduction of fixed and operational costs;

More focus on core business;

Effective demand service;

Specialized, trained and up-to-date IT support.


Many people believe that leaving IT services in the hands of outsourced companies would make it difficult to control the processes. But if the partnership is supported by agreement and is mainly with a company that has experience in the area, the organization will be guaranteed the delivery and quality of services.

Now that we’ve scored some of the major pros and cons of Outsourcing and maintaining an internal team, consider your company’s needs and budget. You can also rely on the area you want to invest in. For example, for more strategic action, it is better to invest in its own department, which will be more connected to the core of the company. In order to meet the demands of infrastructure or other more specific needs, opting for outsourcing may be more interesting.

Deciding on IT outsourcing, look for a reference company in the sector. Make sure that it has well-qualified professionals, preferably certified in their areas, required resources and solutions aligned with market news, leave your technology needs to subject matter experts and focus your resources on the core activity of your business!

Talk to InfraOPS! We are sure we can help you!

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