Do you know what is NOC, ITOC or Command and Control Center?

Before we talk about NOC itself, we need to talk about Command and Control Center (CCC) or Operations Center. Practically, the Operations Center is a physical location, with controlled access and with the aim of centralizing, coordinating and controlling the operations of a given goal. Operations Center can be applied in several ways, such as: […]

Security and the Internet of Things (IoT)

We should talk about IoT security The digitization of the world is evolving and with it the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart devices that communicate with each other and undoubtedly make life easier for users. But there is something that is often forgotten, a negative side of IoT, since several cyber attacks in recent months […]

Offshore Guest Network… what to do?

Guest Network Control of Oil and Gas Vessels Who is from IT and the Oil and Gas Market knows how difficult it is to ensure the correct control and management of the guest network of vessels, be it production, drilling or support (when you have it in the first place!). The vessels function as large […]

The most valuable resource in the world is no longer Oil… but Data!

What is the most valuable resource in the world? If this question were in 2011, you would have no doubt and answer that it was oil, since three of the five most valuable companies in the world were from the energy area. Since 2016, the five companies are from technology! What changed for this to […]

IT Outsourcing, what are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing?

At some point in the life of a company, regardless of its size and segment, it will need to use technological solutions. At this time, what is the best option? Outsource or invest in an internal team? We know that IT is much more than the operation of computers, internet and printing of a company. […]

Oil and Gas market and Cloud Computing

The oil and gas industry has grown again, and with the return of the expansion of the segment, the companies that operate in it have been forced to invest in IT, more precisely in management, monitoring, systems and processes that offer efficiency and, above all, cost reduction. But how to invest and reduce costs at […]

The efficiency of IT monitoring

We have already talked in our blog that companies have been looking for new solutions to become more competitive and, today, a fast and efficient network is essential for an organization of any size to remain competitive, especially in the offshore market. With many companies facing limited resources and a lack of trained IT professionals, […]

The time has come to take the CMDB out of paper

Do you know what a CMDB is? If you do not know, the time has come to understand the subject and realize its importance. CMDB (Configuration Management Database) is a database or a documentation that contains any and all relevant information about the hardware and software used in a company’s IT services. CMDB is also […]

The importance of monitoring in the industry

The industry has been undergoing transformation movements since the eighteenth century and the convergence between IT (Information Technology) and OT (operational technology) comes to support the pillars of this transformation. OT is traditionally associated with industrial environments, such as SCADA control Systems, PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers), RTUs among others. One of the pillars of this […]