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Offshore Guest Network… what to do?

Guest Network Control of Oil and Gas Vessels

Who is from IT and the Oil and Gas Market knows how difficult it is to ensure the correct control and management of the guest network of vessels, be it production, drilling or support (when you have it in the first place!).

The vessels function as large operating bases on the high seas with a significant number of people embarking and disembarking, such as suppliers, customers, employees of other units and supervisory bodies.

The devices that enter the vessels will be connected in a segmented network to the corporate network, called the guest network, and will carry the IP of the vessel during its navigation. If the IT Manager of the vessel does not know how to identify the person who made the access, the operator of the vessel may take a fine, according to the Internet Civil Rights Framework, of up to 10% of the total turnover. Controlling the Guest Network is a challenge and a necessity for the company.

InfraOPS, during the deployment and management of platform networks, has developed its own version of PacketFence, a NAC that allows solving the problem of authorization and identification of third parties on vessels.  Before the computer can navigate, the visitor needs to fill out a form with their personal data, and a member of the vessel’s operating company, such as the radio operator, will receive an email to validate the personal information physically. Once this is done, access will be granted automatically.

Here’s how the process works:

InfraOPS works not only in the deployment of guest networks but also in the continuous and assisted operation of the network. We indicate access volumes, consumed bandwidth and access controls. We offer a complete solution to better manage your IT environment. Contact us!

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