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Oil and Gas market and Cloud Computing

The oil and gas industry has grown again, and with the return of the expansion of the segment, the companies that operate in it have been forced to invest in IT, more precisely in management, monitoring, systems and processes that offer efficiency and, above all, cost reduction. But how to invest and reduce costs at the same time?

Among so many alternatives and possible ways, what has been most adopted and widely deployed is cloud computing. Offshore companies are constantly receiving new demands, and these new demands require expansion of their IT structure. With the practicality and security of a cloud system, when closely monitored by a specialized company, organizations are able to store data outside a physical space, which offers greater reach in the exchange of information and cost reduction, from cabling, equipment, and even the construction of a data center.

In addition, by using only an internet connection, it is much easier and faster for professionals of the areas to access the company’s information and resources anywhere in the world, even from inside a vessel, wherever it is. With this, another cost reduction, services and communication between areas are done remotely.

By opting for the famous cloud, companies are able to overcome typical problems of the segment, such as the distances between business units and the need to share information in real time.

When we think about optimizing IT services in the offshore market, especially in the oil and gas market, Microsoft Azure is the chosen solution for InfraOPS. Seen as the most reliable alternative on the market, Azure is the one with the best in cloud computing. Taking advantage of the fact that the oil and gas industry requires a big need for data management and storage, not only for costs, but also for information security, migrating to the cloud system is something inevitable. Imagine the computational power so that all information and processes were worked in a physical and presential environment, would generate a high cost and would make it impossible for the information generated to be available in real time to those who need it, if they were outside the vessel.

The oil and gas industry are moving faster and faster to modernize and optimize its services and resources, count on InfraOPS to help you with this arduous task! We have certified professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the area. Contact us!

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