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Why monitor?

  • Alert

  • Present

  • Identify Trends

  • Streamline Diagnostics

  • Compare Scenarios

What problems do we solve?

  • Constant drops in IT services

  • Lack of visibility (behavior, traffic, errors, saturation) of IT services

  • Delayed diagnosis

  • Difficulty in solving the root cause of problems

  • Lack of control of IT assets in multiple remote places

IT Monitoring and support solutions

MaaS Monitoring as a service

A fast and efficient way to get a complete view of the entire IT environment. A complete platform with sensors and dashboards customized for IT operation.

NOC monitoring with Incident Management

A centralized place where IT technicians oversee and monitor network servers and infrastructure devices.
Incident managers take care of all threats detected in the environment, involving the necessary parts for resolution.

Managed services proactive IT support

When there is a need to link an effective action to a detected alert. Services that focus on the operation and support of IT environments


I-Probe is the ideal solution for those looking to reduce the total cost of monitoring. PRTG monitoring server embedded in industrial hardware for monitoring in any situation and environments. Complete probe functionality with the versatility of a small, easy-to-install, long-life equipment.
• Industrial Hardware without mechanical parts;
• Options of 3, 4 or 6 network interfaces;
• Survival option – Remote Management in case of drop of internet connection;
• Support up to 10.000 sensors;
• 12V power supply;
• Licensed Microsoft Windows;
• Support 24×7.