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Complete monitoring platform, configured and with expert support

Our solution is based on PRTG, is hosted in the cloud, where customers, through a secure connection will have access to exclusive dashboards in addition to access to the platform’s reporting and diagnostic interface. At each monitored place we optionally install i-Probe, nour monitoring equipment, which collects information from the environment and sends it to our servers for processing and analysis. Alerts are triggered by email or SMS for solving teams to act on the solution.
i-Probe is Infraops monitoring hardware to be used in any type of environment. With hardware without mechanical parts (fanless) it is the ideal solution for those who do not want to worry about maintaining a monitoring server in their places.

A complete cloud monitoring solution involving:

• Creation of the Service Catalog;
• CMDB creation;
• Monitoring Environment Assembly;
• Development of custom Dashboards;
• Sensor support and development,

An easy and fast way to benefit from the visibility and control of a professional monitoring platform with the following points of view: