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The efficiency of IT monitoring

We have already talked in our blog that companies have been looking for new solutions to become more competitive and, today, a fast and efficient network is essential for an organization of any size to remain competitive, especially in the offshore market. With many companies facing limited resources and a lack of trained IT professionals, remote monitoring proves to be an effective solution to achieve the desired results and, more importantly, reduce the expensive downtime of the network, and I call it expensive not in vain, since, according to Dunn & Bradstreet, downtime is responsible for generating US$ 46 million in losses per year for 59% of companies listed in the Fortune 500 ranking.

Failures in technology are harmful to any company, of any business, but companies operating in the offshore market are particularly vulnerable, since their operating costs are extremely high. But this loss is not exclusive of the offshore area, according to a study conducted by Emerson Network Power, the companies lose something around US$ 5,000 per minute in a disaster, and this is independent of its segment. The reality is that many of these companies do not have large IT departments or even a professional available 24 hours a day to solve network problems. However, with IT monitoring these organizations are now able to solve various issues efficiently, from anywhere. In essence, remote monitoring allows companies to stay competitive in today’s global economy.

Following this demand, companies that chose for remote monitoring, are able to:

Save time, increasing efficiency

IT Monitoring increases efficiency by saving time and reducing expenses. Imagine, in a crisis, having to manually search and compile an inventory of IT assets! It is possible to have a system that shows and allows you to manage all the IT assets. Every computer in your park becomes visible on a central console, providing real-time information with just a few mouse clicks, saving IT administrators weeks of intensive work. In addition, with this, teams can share potential problems to solve the issues, resulting in greater efficiency and better accuracy.

Detect problems early

One of the most important advantages of remote monitoring is that it can be done 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year!! Still with the ability to send an alert at any time of the day, making irregularities in the network can be resolved immediately. Common irregularities and errors are: little free disk space; outdated OS’s; anti-virus disabled; OS firewall disfigured. When a problem arises, an alert is sent to the NOC so that the IT analysts can act immediately ensuring that the problem does not result in inactivity. Without remote monitoring, this same problem can go unnoticed for days or weeks, resulting in an expensive, large-scale problem.

Have and control essential information

IT monitoring can ensure companies the essential knowledge to the overall health of their network and the areas in need of improvement, saving countless hours from an IT administrator and resulting in rapid resolution of network problems to avoid downtime. In addition, with this, the network remains verified 24 hours a day, the organizations automatically receive information about all IT assets such as patches, updates and hardware upgrades, in addition to the database being automatically updated and important business applications are always controlled.

Minimize, the maximum, service disruption

No network is perfect, and when a problem arises, it needs to be dealt with immediately and in a controlled manner. As we mentioned earlier, downtime can cost thousands of dollars a day, resulting in customers wanting to switch suppliers. With continuous monitoring, companies can fix their network problems as soon as they arise, anytime, remotely.

While technology problems can appear in various forms and at any time, it is clear that companies with daily IT monitoring can ensure that their networks are up to date, effectively reducing downtime and lost productivity. For the security and overall health of your IT system, InfraOPS ensures that even the slightest problem is detected and fixed immediately. Contact us!

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