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The time has come to take the CMDB out of paper

Do you know what a CMDB is? If you do not know, the time has come to understand the subject and realize its importance.

CMDB (Configuration Management Database) is a database or a documentation that contains any and all relevant information about the hardware and software used in a company’s IT services. CMDB is also related to the so-called “configurable items (CI’s)”, which can be from simple accessories – mouse, HD, monitor – to complete systems.

You may wonder how this would serve you, and the answer is simple: a full, up-to-date CMDB gives views you wouldn’t normally have. Can you imagine knowing the impact of each incident/request for an item on a specific system? And more than that: to be able to identify the relationship of this incident with more complex problems to be solved? With broad visibility into your environment, the team can minimize recurring incidents by acting pro-actively at the root of these issues.

The implementation of a CMDB is basically divided into 3 phases:

1) Definition of CI’s types;

2) Adding CI’S to each category/type;

3) Correlation of all CI’s.

Although typically laborious and complex, this process is still less complicated than keeping all documentation up to date. Today there are ITSM (IT service management) tools that assist in creating and maintaining of this documentation, but if they are not well managed and aligned with changes in your environment, perhaps hours after they are implemented, the CMDB is already outdated.

In short, a complete and up-to-date CMDB helps to have control of your IT assets; supports decisions on improvements in the environment; gives the support your team needs to act pro-actively in solving problems; anticipates problems and, in this way, improves the functioning of KPI’s; serves as the basis for analyzing your entire IT environment from an organized view, among other benefits.

A lot of good stuff, isn’t it?

Did you like it? Have you ever thought about implementing a CMDB in your company? Do you already work that way? Would you like to plan and raise the maturity of your IT operation by implementing a CMDB and ensuring it is up to date?

Then talk to Infraops! We have the knowledge, tools and operation you need to make it happen.

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